Tips and Tricks on Home Decor with Gold Layer

Tips and Tricks on Home Decor with Gold LayerEveryone wants their house to look glamourous without making it too overboard. Using gold color scheme is the best way to make your house look luxurious. This article will elaborate some suggestions regarding home decor with gold layer without spending too much money.

The list below will explain about several tips on home decor with gold layer in your house.

  • Gold and neutral bedroom: if you want to add a glamourous feeling in your bedroom, you can use gold for a detail. By using a quilted throw with gold color, you can get an elegant feeling to your bedroom and make a great contrast with darker color of your bedside cabinets.
  • Golden and glamorous bedroom: for bedrooms that use many darker and polished furniture, you can use gold bedlinen to create a beautiful contrast. This contrast will surely add a lavish and glamorous feeling to your bedroom without spending too much money.
  • Chic bedroom with metallic theme: bedrooms with metallic theme will give a sense of grand and cleanliness. You can use golden bedding and curtains to match your cream walls. This combination of color and lavish look complement wood furniture with darker color and neutral carpet the best.
  • Flamboyant bathroom with golden details: in a small space, gold is the best hue to add a rich ambience. In a bathroom, you can use marble-effect, golden ceramic tiles that are suitable for twin basins with golden faucet and a roll top bath. Additional oversized gilded mirror and frame will complete this astonishing look.
  • Hallway with golden accent: not only in rooms, gold can also be applied in hallway. Subtle metallic details within a hallway will give you a different ambience. French-style table combined with gilded frames and mirror surely add glamorous feelings to your hallway, make you feel like walking on a grandiose palace.
  • Home office with metallic theme: to make sure your home office is less boring, you can use a lavish lift with gold theme. Choosing a metallic silk curtain, chair, and desk combines with understated colors will give a glamorous yet subtle feeling to your home office.
  • Lavish dining area: dining area usually uses many wooden furniture. Gold color scheme will give a glamorous accent to the warm scheme exhibits by the wooden furniture. Using geometric patterns in your dining room will give it an edgy feeling.
  • Classic dining room: too much is not good, thus creating a focal point is the best in interior design. To add a focal point in your dining room instantly, you can use a tablecloth with gold color. Choose the accessories, lighting, and curtains to match with the wooden chairs to add a sophisticated ambience in your dining room.

The previous paragraph already give brief information about home decor with gold layer tips for your house. Remember, too much is not good, so, instead of changing all your furniture with gold color, choose one or two as your focal points and you will surely get a more lavish look in your house.