Tips to Apply Circle Home Decor in Your House

Tips to Apply Circle Home Decor in Your HouseCircular patterns or polka dots hit its popularity as a design for interior in 2011. The most popular use of polka dots is for children rooms, bedding, and wall decals. In this article, we will give other recommendations about how to apply circle home decor in your house.

You can read some of the tips to apply circle home decor on the list below:

  • Make the circular patterns an accent instead of the main point: you can use circular pattern or polka dot to give a youthful feeling to a space with serious ambience. Even the most serious spaces with all its grandiose still need some fun decoration to make it enjoyable for the people inside. If you have spaces with many intricate architecture, trims, and antiques, polka dots can serve as an additional touch to give them a fun and approachable feeling. You can layer the pattern in pleats to make it more subtle. Using circular pattern as a backdrop can also be a good idea.
  • Consider the scale: if you use smaller pattern, it will look like textures from distances instead of the pattern itself. This type of scale is suggested for a more serious room because textures give a sense of maturity while larger circular patter can give a childish look. Thus, bigger scale is more suitable for children bedroom and casual room where your family gather rather than workplace or living room for adults. However, it is not impossible for you to use bigger scale on serious room to make it less intimidating.
  • Layer it with many patterns: if you combine circular pattern with other sophisticated patterns, you can get an ambience full of playfulness. You can use circular pattern for your ottoman or pillows within a room with more regal nuance all over. Within a room with many types of patterns and textures, a circular pattern can serve as a great piece for interior puzzle. As a standalone, circular patterns may look very jarring, which is something that you want to avoid in your house.
  • Stick your design with the classic one: the most classic design of circular pattern is monochromatic polka dots. Many popular personalities have used this type of decoration as their home decoration. If you want to add some twist, you can consider black and nude or white and navy. These colors are still pretty classic but it is more subtle compared to the monochromatic one.
  • Combine with a dot that isn¬ít a dot: perfect circular patterns are definitely cute. However, there are times when it can be too playful, especially for a more serious room. Thus combining circular patterns with its variation and non-circular patterns can tone down the playfulness and give more casual looks.

The list above already explain about some of the tips to use circle home decor in your house without looking too playful nor too serious. You can consult it with an interior designer for a more comprehensive explanation and suggestion, or simply ask the opinions of your family member before applying the design.