Ideas on How to Apply Unique Silver Home Decor in Your House

Ideas on How to Apply Unique Silver Home Decor in Your HouseFuturistic design is one of the most popular style in interior design. This type of design heavily depends on the use of silver and metallic accessories. This article will give several suggestions about how to create a unique silver home decor easily in your house.

In the list below, you can read some of the ideas on how to apply unique silver home decor in your house.

  • Combine with blue tone accessories: to add more variety in your silver-themed room, you can choose navy blue color for your accessories, such as your cushions. Despite its compact shape, cushion play a huge role in giving different feeling to a room. It also gives a sense of comfort to your room, be it living room or bedroom.
  • Get inspiration from hotel room: for those who love hotel room interior design, you can add framed greyscale prints, textural wallpaper, and metallic accessories in your bedroom. By adding these components, you can get the atmosphere of chic hotel and make yourself feel like you are on a vacation. Subtle patterns can be added to neutralize your room from the silver them you choose so it does not feel overwhelming.
  • Give your silver a rustic scheme: silver may be identic to futuristic theme. However, you can also create a rustic feel with good choice of wall color. The paint does not have to match the glossy furniture identic to silver-theme room to tone the futuristic ambience down. You can also use soft-colored accessories for your bedroom, such as for bedding and cushions, to make it looks relaxed and natural.
  • Combine with lime color: silver-themed room does not mean you cannot add bright color. Silver is actually a very versatile them and it is suitable for many block colors. One of those block colors is lime-green. You can use opulent furniture and tactile fabric designs to make a special scheme for your room. This combination definitely give a quirky, yet calming feeling to everyone.
  • Add subtle features on your wall: a room with silver them sometimes looks dull. To give a focal point to a dull room, you can add some features, such as simple paintings on your wall. You can also use a darker color for your cushions, such as primrose color to give a vignette to your room. It will add more contrast and make your room livelier.
  • Using silver-themed accessories: if you do not want the silver to be the dominant theme but still want to add some futuristic nuances in your room, you can choose silver-themed accessories, such as silver cushions and bedding, and also metallic mirror or tables. Despite not dominating your room, these type of accessories will be the focal point of your room, thus giving a futuristic feeling.

The paragraph above already give brief explanation about some ideas related to the use of unique silver home decor. To make sure everything goes well, you can read further information on home decor magazine or discuss with any interior designer.